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Spider System

Spider spray-in insulation delivers the industry's highest R-values and is made from specially designed formaldehyde-free fiber glass. The naturally white fibers are mixed with a revolutionary nonhazardous adhesive.

By using Spider instead of other spray applied produtcs, cycle time and operating cost are reduced.

Spider's unique ability to provide gap-free coverage in a range of R-values means you can maximize actual thermal performance while minimizing voids and leakage.

With Spider, you can finish installation for a typical home in two to three hours. That's twice as fast as cellulose. More importantly, Spider dries in two to eight hours, more than six times faster than wet applied cellulose.

  • Reduced Cycle Time: faster installation and drying time speeds up sequencing and can reduce operating costs.

  • Industry's Highest R-values: up to R-15 in a 2x4 cavity and up to R-23 in a 2x6 cavity.

  • Full coverage: gap-free coverage minimizes leakage for maximun thermal performance and sound control.

  • No Settling: revolutionary binder and lightweight fiber glass prevent settling.

Mold, mildew, fire resistance and indoor air quality are critical factors when insulating a home.

Spider is made from naturally resistant fiber glass. And unlike cellulose, Spider spray-in fiber glass is also naturally fire resistant.

  • Low Moisture Content: when installed, reduces mold and mildew concerns.

  • No Added Toxins: non-toxic adhesive and formaldehyde-free fiber glass eliminates ammonia off-gassing and Interior Air Quality concerns.

Like all JM building insulation, Spider is manufactured without formaldehyde. Which means homeowners don't have to worry about insulation off-gassing. And our environment is spared tons of hazardous pollutants.

  • Renewable Resource: Spider's fibers are made mostly from sand , a rapidly renewable resource.

  • No Added Toxins: Spider's water-soluble adhesive contains no hazardous chemicals.

  • Energy Efficient: gap-free coverage improves thermal peformance, potentially reducing HVAC requirements.

We used:

Wilco Enterprises, Inc. D.B.A. Suncoast Insulators & Specialties.

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