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Fi-Foil Company Silver Shield Radiant Barrier.

The largest area of a house that is exposed to the elements is the roof.
This large area produces excessive heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter.

Silver Shield is a barrier installed just below the roof line that stops the roof from radiating heat.

This high performance aluminum product reduces attic temperatures up to 30 degrees.

It improves HVAC duct performance up to 50%.

It's a cost-effective, energy efficient feature that provides maximum protection from skyrocketing energy bills while greatly improving comfort.

  • Leading energy efficiency experts recognize Radiant Barriers as an energy saving technology and as a key component to an energy efficient home.

  • Lowers temperatures and improves comfort in garages, porches, and lanais.

  • Radiant Barriers will not harm roofing shingles or roofing materials.

  • Radiant Insulation is a technology used by NASA.

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