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Blow-In-BlanketŪ System.

Developed by Ark-Seal over 20 years ago, BIBS(Blow-In- Blanket System) is the most widely accepted and independently tested blown-in wall insulation system used today.

BIBS is fire-resistant, moisture-resistant and does not attract or act as sustenance for mold or pests.

And because BIBS uses noncombustible fiber glass, there are no chemicals or noxious odors over time.

Unlike other insulation systems that may leave voids or gaps, the Blow-In Blanket System completely fills the space thus controling sound and reducing air infiltration in the wall cavity. So your house is snug, secure, thermally-efficient and draft free.

With the Blow-In-Blanket System, loose-fill insulation is blown behind netting using specific insulation techniques.

BIBS is licensed by Ark-Seal to independent contractors so only qualified installers can apply it. Only approved insulation products may be used.

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